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"Heaven is here on Earth ignite the spark within and allow your magnificence to shine."

Yoga Ora

Choosing a balanced lifestyle

Each person has their own unique rhythm of life. Every aspect of a person’s life contributes to their own overall health. At Yogaora health is a state of complete harmony with yourself and the world you live in. It is rich in diet, exercise, nourishment, relationships and meditation. The onus is on fun, non –competitive and easy ways to simple living and high thinking for the attainment of longevity and lasting peace and joy.


This is a method of connecting to your true nature. It is a practice of breathwork, cleansing and purifying the channels of the body, meditations and mindfulness practices to bring deep awareness to feelings and thoughts.  This is for anyone regardless of their physical ability and age who want to experience joy & truth as a result of dedicated practice.  

Ayurveda (Science of life) 

Ayurveda is a method to cleanse and purify the body before yoga. We are made up of elements that can be balanced or imbalanced for health or disease respectively. The aim of Ayurveda is to preserve health and to correct ill health in accordance with our basic nature Prakriti and our environment through yoga and by eating fresh food, exercising daily, and cleansing daily, ultimately living for happiness and harmony. The aim is to lead to an inner strength, a vitality that provides improved functional movments to experience a better self understanding. 

Asana Classes

Yogaora adult asana classes are Hatha based and generally quiet, serene and focused whilst children's asana classes are designed to be fun and magical. They are all enriched with creativity and flow with a basic pattern of warming, working and cooling and an infinite number of possibilities filling our practice time. We make time for any questions after concentrating the body and mind. There's a range of different classes to suit your needs. Please ask me for details about adults sessions, children's sessions or chair yoga sessions. 

Energy Intuitions

Energy healings are a deep understanding of your mystical nature. They can be a combination of exercise for the mind, body and spirit and they are rooted in deep subconscous and conscious patterning. This is where we go into healing that deepens and where you will combat with the relentless power of your own reason! Nothing is easy about this journey. Surrender is certainly not- but one thing for sure it is liberating! 




Make exercise, healthy eating, meditation and rest a daily priority 

Ayurveda’s True Purpose

In the heart of a one special human being is the life and teachings of Ayurveda’s true purpose in the world to find out more visit... http://www.vasantladmovie.com


The Children's Yoga Discovery Series

Supporting families and teachers in the art of interception designed for preschoolers, primary school, tweens, teens or special needs children to enhance their innate creativity and enrich their curiosity. To order products please visit www.yogaorakidseries.com

Ayurveda Workshops

We have forthcoming Ayurvedic workshops, consultations & customised yoga to help you live a happier, healthier and balanced life.

British Wheel of Yoga

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Certified Yoga Instructor and Energy Intuitive.